What is web hosting?

Server room interior
A web host is a computer system connected to the Internet from which your web pages are delivered to Internet viewers. If required, I can organise web hosting for you. If you have an e-mail address, you probably already have some web space that you can use.

What sort of businesses do you avoid?

There are a number of businesses I don’t do work for based on hard-learned experience and my own personal prejudices. These include: multi-level marketing representatives, life coaches and internet dreamers who think they can make money out of the Internet quickly and with little work. I’m not a moralist and I am happy to do work…


Can you provide references?

Yes I can. I’ve done work for insurance brokers, IT firms and a range of small businesses. Have a look at tcdentalstudio.com.au This is a good example of an inexpensive site that is easy to navigate and makes an excellent use of photographs. This is a Brisbane wedding celebrant site. It gets the owners a lot of business .…